Business Organizing Services

“Steve Caccavo is EXACTLY the person that you want on your team as you are trying to grow your business. Steve’s expertise, insight, professionalism and patience (yes, patience) make him one of the best business advisors that I’ve ever met…and I’ve met quite a few! Whether the economic conditions are good or poor, it helps to have a resource like Steve in your corner. Reach out to him today.”

— Adrian Miller, Adrian Miller Sales Training

Steve’s services include the following: 
  • Providing confidential business advice and feedback. Functioning as a CEO  sounding board for your ideas and plans.
  • Collaborating with you to identify and prioritize obstacles to address.
  • Determining the causes of problems: “what’s behind the curtain”?
  • Identifying solutions; developing and executing plans.
  • Getting your business running smoothly again by solving operations problems.
  • Ensuring that you have effective processes, procedures and people in place.
How Steve Works With You: 
    • In a word: “hands-on.” Some projects involve counseling or advising the company owner or a key manager. Others involve handling complex licensing applications from start to finish. Many projects target operational problems, with Steve putting together a project team selected from your staff, and his managing the project to a successful completion.

Problem solved, with your people “owning” the solution.

The common thread: He meets you at your level of need. He proceeds at a pace that fits your budget, making sure that you and your company can effectively absorb the changes that are often needed. He provides customized business advice that meets your specific needs.

In other words: not too much, and not too little. Not too fast, and not too slow. Steve works with you as an individual – patiently, but with a sense of urgency, because the problem you need to solve is his top priority.

You emerge from the project with the problem solved, the previously-erratic process running smoothly, with that goal reached – bringing you that much closer to your long-term objectives.  See more about Steve’s experience.