What Clients Say

Debra Sadowsky

Mostly Myrtles Bakeshop

“Steve maintains focus on the ‘big picture’ while helping you manage the followup on important details that can easily get lost in the hectic pace of everyday business.”

Recommending Steve Caccavo as a business adviser, coach and consultant comes easily.

I have known Steve many years, and have been the beneficiary of his wealth of knowledge in the general small business and specialty food business arena.

Transitioning a business start up into a viable small business is always a challenge, and a “freshman” business owner needs a competent, supportive, and accessible adviser.

Steve’s vast experience as a highly successful specialty food business owner affords him not only the clear understanding of what it takes to work with customers, suppliers, distributors, employees, and service providers (business insurance, attorneys, accountants, commercial real estate brokers etc.) , but also a list of references and resources to add to your network and to contact as the need arises.

Selecting Steve as a consultant brings with it an additional benefit:  his ability to work with you, without any outside agenda.  Steve is just such a person. His integrity, his expertise, and his genuine joy as he sees progress towards the goal has been invaluable to me.

Maggie McManus

President, McManus Group, Inc.

“Steve Caccavo saved me! Today my business is strong, orderly and I even get to take vacations!”

After struggling for a year with growth in my company I had the good fortune to meet Steve.  He calmly analyzed with me the key structural needs of my organization.

Together we identified and implemented both small and large systems that have made the operations of my company more efficient and effective.

Most importantly, Steve identified a critical personnel position needed to support me. He then performed the search, interview and hire of the individual to fill that position. He was spot on! Steve Caccavo brings a depth of knowledge of best practices critical to the successful operation of a small but growing business.

  • John Macy

    John Wm. Macy’s Family Bakery

“Steve works hard and enthusiastically with you in solving problems. He uses his well-honed listening ability to break down the most stubborn issues into manageable components. Regardless of the nature of your business, you would benefit from utilizing Steve’s unique set of skills.”

I have known Steve Caccavo for over thirty years as both a business role model and advisor, and strongly recommend his business advisory services. 

Steve put together our first employee handbook and played a key role in reorganizing our production management structure, which had been utterly ad hoc until then.  His direct but non-threatening style of communication won the confidence of an otherwise uncooperative manager and improved my working relationship with her. 

  • Adrian Miller

    Adrian Miller Sales Training

“Steve Caccavo is EXACTLY the person that you want on your team as you are trying to grow your business.”

Steve’s expertise, insight, professionalism and patience (yes, patience) make him one of the best business advisors that I’ve ever met…and I’ve met quite a few!

Whether economic conditions are good or poor, it helps to have a resource like Steve in your corner.  Reach out to him today.

Deborah Mesibov

Deborah Mesibov

“Steve knows how to help business owners improve operations, manage and inspire people, and develop & market new products and services. Check him out for your business.”

Steve Caccavo is a wonderful resource, with an inestimable depth of business acumen and people skills. We worked together for many years while he was CEO of the Well-Bred Loaf and I was Creative Director of Special Graphics, the ad agency of record. During weekly meetings I was impressed by his patience with each and every member of his marketing, sales and production teams. He brought out the best in each person and inspired the group to attain and hold the #1 spot in a competitive niche market.